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Buying Wholesale THCA Flower: A Comprehensive Guide For Businesses

As consumer demand rises, it’s no surprise business owners are seeking ways to buy wholesale THCA flower for their shelves. Of course, being such a new industry, navigating the complexities of buying THCA flower is difficult. 

That is why we put together a comprehensive guide for businesses to help! 

In this guide, you’ll learn all the nuances of buying quality THCA flower for wholesale success, including actionable vetting tips, best practices, and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

So keep reading to learn everything you need to know about buying wholesale THCA flower, from experts in the current market.  

Tips On Buying Quality Wholesale THCA Flower

The number one thing to grasp when buying wholesale THCA flower is that quality can greatly vary. Even more, consumers seek quality—not just for an elevated experience, but a safe one, too. 

So, it’s important to seek out quality wholesale THCA flower to maintain customer loyalty and return purchasers. With that in mind, here are some of the top tips for finding quality flower – 

  • Cultivation source – Cultivators are generally proud of where and how they grow their quality THCA flower. So, if a provider isn’t boasting about its methods – that could be a red flag for quality. 
  • COAs – COAs or certificates of analysis, are reports provided by a third-party testing lab that verifies the contents of THCA flower. It’ll give cannabinoid and terpene percentages, as well as verify the flower is free of harmful contaminants. 
  • Appearance – Again, in general, you’ll be able to tell the quality of flower by real-time photos or appearance. Quality THCA flower will be bright and vibrant in color (even if darker hues), have a healthy coating of trichomes, and have dense or bulbous buds. 

Evaluating Wholesale THCA Suppliers

More than finding quality flower, you’ll want to find a top-notch wholesale THCA supplier, too. Because even though they can produce quality THCA flower, that doesn’t mean they have the operations to withstand wholesale business. 

In this section of our comprehensive guide, we’ll cover what to consider when finding and vetting potential wholesale THCA flower suppliers. 

What To Consider When Assessing Potential Suppliers

Assessing potential THCA flower suppliers isn’t as straightforward as assessing the flower quality. However, you should consider a few factors to ensure the supplier has the capabilities to serve you professionally and the characteristics consumers seek – 

  1. Variety/consistency of strains – THCA flower consumers crave a variety of strains to try but also love their reliable tried-and-true strains. Ask your potential supplier if they have a set group of genetics they always supply and how they source new ones, too. 
  2. Infrastructure  – Explore the infrastructure and capabilities of potential suppliers by asking about harvesting practices, storage and transportation, etc. 
  3. Cultivation practices – Again, cultivation practices and sources should be a high priority when selecting quality THCA flower and suppliers. 

Tips For Vetting Supplier Reliability And Reputation

The number one thing you can do to vet a supplier’s reliability and reputation is to talk to their current wholesale partners. Any reputable vendor will be happy to supply referrals, and may even have online reviews you can peruse, too. 

How Is Wholesale THCA Flower Produced?

If you’ll be selling THCA flower to your customers, it’s a good idea to know more about the crop itself. In this section, we’ll cover the cultivation process for THCA flower strains and why it’s important to understand. 

Cultivation Process For THCA-Rich Cannabis Strains

If there is one thing to understand, THCA flower doesn’t grow wild like weeds! It’s an incredibly complex plant that takes 16+ weeks to complete from seed to harvest. It can be grown indoors, or outdoors, but it requires an optimal environment for optimal expression. 

To understand more, here’s a brief step-by-step process of growing THCA flower – 

  1. Plants start from seed, or “clones,” a cutting from a “mother” plant that serves the need for perpetual genetics or strain. 
  2. Once the young seedling or clone has roots, it’s planted in the cultivator’s medium of choice for the vegetation growth stage. This is where the plant grows bigger, and stronger, to withstand the weight of its buds during flowering. 
  3. For flowering to occur, plants must enter a light cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. For outdoor plants, this means the cycle needs to sync with seasonal periods of light, and for indoor plants, cycles will need to be manually or automatically run. 

The length of each stage will vary depending on plant health, the environment, and the individual strain of the plant. During each stage, a specific amount of nutrients should be fed (or provided by soil) and even details like the pH of the water need to be just right for optimal growth. 

Hence the importance of ensuring your wholesale THCA flower supplier prioritizes quality at each stage.

Importance Of Understanding Production Methods For Quality 

Speaking of stages, it’s not just what happens while the plant is growing; it’s what takes place post-harvest, too. The THCA flower, upon harvesting, enters the drying and curing phase to reduce excess moisture from the plant and promote longevity or shelf stability. 

This stage also requires optimal conditions, such as temperature and humidity, to produce buds with a desirable quality result. It can also affect potency and taste, with certain conditions reducing or degrading the plant’s natural profile of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Another question to inquire about consumer preference is whether or not the buds are hand-trimmed or machine-trimmed. This post-production step can also affect the quality and integrity of the material. 

So, when vetting potential wholesale THCA flower suppliers, specifically inquire about the post-production methods for drying, curing, trimming, and storage for the utmost quality. 

Final Thoughts On Buying Wholesale THCA Flower 

With everything you’ve learned here today, from tips to spotting quality wholesale THCA flower, to how to vet vendors and legal and regulatory factors to consider – you’re ready to begin the search to find a reputable one for your business. 

Have no fear; Longleaf Provisions Company is here. 

Longleaf is a leader in North Carolina’s growing agribusiness community and carries the past, present, and future of the CBD industry all at once in our label. Wholesale THCA flower, included. 

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