Now that CBD has gained popularity among the general population due to its therapeutic properties, many people are wondering if these benefits could be applied to their beloved pets, especially their small young puppies. 

Puppies can have CBD provided that it is derived from hemp and doesn’t contain psychoactive THC. According to the WHO, there is currently no evidence showing that CBD has negative effects on animals. Speak with your vet before giving your newborn pup CBD due to potential drug interactions. 

Below, we’ll look at the potential benefit of CBD for your young furball.

What Age Can Puppies Have CBD Oil?

There is no definite age for puppies to take CBD.

Yet, the rule of thumb is that puppies can take CBD if they exhibit some behavioral troubles, like nervousness or anger.

According to reports, owners gave their puppies CBD when they were between four weeks to three months old.

Depending on the effects desired, CBD can be given as a daily supplement to boost your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

However, there is limited research on dogs, especially puppies consuming CBD to provide a direct answer. 

Apart from their age, you should also consider your puppy’s weight and growth rate, as the dosage will be based on their metabolism. 

Moreover, your dog has an Endocannabinoid system (ECS), just like humans. 

The ECS helps to regulate normal functions and activities of the body.

Interaction between CBD and the ECS in puppies has not been studied enough to verify all potential benefits.

A study published in the Pain Journal analyzed the effects of CBD on dogs having minor pain in their joints. 

The researchers found that CBD could alleviate their pain but was also a safe compound. 

Before giving your puppy CBD, consult with your vet to understand the potential benefits and risks.

Can Puppies Have CBD Treats?

Your puppies can enjoy CBD treats and will not have any severe side effects, providing it’s the correct dosage, and they’re not taking a medication that could negatively interact with CBD.

A report from the WHO stated that animals had no dependence capacity or abuse when using CBD. 

They also stated that the therapeutic benefits of CBD could help puppies in certain cases. 

Similarly, you should note that there is currently a lack of scientific evidence to support the exact effects of CBD on puppies. 

The limited research is due to the recent popularity of using CBD on animals, and it may take several years to perform enough studies to provide a concrete answer for every situation.

CBD is mostly given to puppies to calm and soothe them during their developmental stages. 

It is particularly common among puppies who are nervous or are stressed when they are left alone. 

Also, the digestion and metabolism of CBD in dogs have not been fully uncovered. 

For now, Frontiers In Veterinary Science Journal released a paper analyzing the calming effects of CBD among sixteen dogs who were afraid of loud noises.

The authors concluded that CBD had a mild calming effect on the dogs at a CBD dosage of 1.4mg/kg. 

How Much CBD Does A Puppy Need?

Most sources recommend you start at the lowest possible dosage and slowly increase until you achieve your desired results.

Your CBD dosage will depend on your puppy’s body weight, age, breed, and type of CBD product used.

Anecdotal reviews show that 1-3mg of CBD from every 10 pounds for dogs is a general guideline for dosage.

Make sure that you understand the concentration of your CBD product for your dog.

Delivering the correct dosage for your pup may require some calculations and experimentation.

If you are using CBD oils, the concentration is usually listed on the bottle. 

If it seems too complicated, you can ask your vet about the ideal dosage and how to make it for your puppy. 

How Quickly Does CBD Work In Puppies?

CBD may take up to forty-five minutes before you will see its effects. 

The time taken for CBD to act on your dog will depend on its age, metabolism, and body weight. 

Usually, CBD oils work slightly faster than CBD treats since they typically contain fewer ingredients, making the compound easier to digest.

Yet, if you add a few oil drops to your puppy’s food, it may take as long as the treats because of the addition of food. 

You should note that the effectiveness of CBD will not change based on your delivery approach.

Moreover, the doses may last between four to eight hours, based on their nervousness, weight, and behavioral issues. 

Some owners report that the older the puppy gets, the longer it takes for them to digest CBD completely. 

Final Thoughts: What’s The Best CBD For Puppies?

The type of puppy CBD you may find most effective will depend on your puppy’s preferences, weight, and the desired time before the effects kick in.

You can choose from several delivery methods available on the market, but the two main categories are CBD treats and tinctures.

1. CBD Pet Treats

If you prefer that the effects kick in slower and potentially last longer, CBD treats are a great way to get your puppy used to CBD.

CBD dog treats taste great and are one of the favorite options for puppies looking for a little extra relaxation.

2. CBD Pet Tinctures

CBD Pet Tinctures are an excellent natural method providing numerous beneficial support for when your puppy is in need.

You can put a few drops in their food, treats, or under their tongue.

CBD tincture oils are also great for using topically on your puppy’s skin or fur to help aid or soothe specific areas. 

If you have any further questions about our CBD pet products, please contact Long Leaf Provision.