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Navigating Cannabinoids: A Complete Guide To THCA Flower

First was the CBD trend, then Delta-8, Delta-9, and now THCA. Cannabinoids are all the craze when it comes to wellness routines. At the forefront of the most recent movement is THCA flower, for its wide range of benefits.  With hemp’s federal legalization and the widespread recreational and medical legalization of cannabis, natural healing has […]

The Top Reasons to Shop CBD Oil Locally This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for making your list and checking it twice, and searching for gifts that’ll make you and your recipient feel nice. This holiday season, and year-round – there’s no better way to make your heart grow three sizes (like our friend the Grinch!) than shopping local. Especially when it comes to buying local CBD products […]

Are Delta 9 Gummies Legal in NC? The Top Facts & Where to Buy

As North Carolina collectively awaits medical marijuana approval, there is one THC win the state can celebrate. Due to language from the 2018 Farm Bill delta 9 gummies are now federally legal for sale based on the weighted volume of the goods. So, before you integrate delta 9 gummies effects into your wellness routines – what are […]

What’s the Best CBD Flower? Your Ultimate Guide to Strains

When it comes to CBD, products like oils, topicals, and capsules have officially gone mainstream. But like many things, what’s old is new again with NC CBD hemp flower creeping on a come up in consumption trends. Now, more than ever a rising number of consumers are turning to the good ol’ fashioned way of […]

All About Cannabinoid Rich Profiles – THC-O, Delta-8, Delta-9 and more!

When you think about hemp or cannabis there are typically two major cannabinoids that come to mind. THC, and CBD. But in actuality, hemp and cannabis plants are capable of producing up to 144 known cannabinoids. These varying types of cannabinoids all have their own unique effects and will vary from strain to strain, product […]

Meet our New Delta 8 Candy & Taffy & Top Delta 8 Edibles Effects

Delta 8 edibles effects continue to trend, as more and more consumers discover its unique benefits. As do edibles, for their convenience in use, potent effects, and deliciously sweet tastes. That’s why Long Leaf Provisions is thrilled to announce its two latest Delta 8 THC products – Hard Candy, and Salt Water Taffy. So, let’s […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Delta 8 Edibles You Need To Know

Let’s be honest – edibles tend to get a bad rep. Nearly everyone has their own tale of overdoing it on old-fashioned pot brownies or at least knows someone else who has. But like everything in the cannabis industry edibles are now in the midst of their own modern re-branding. Today, the effects of delta […]

What’s New for North Carolina Medical Marijuana in 2021? Find out the latest

If you’re in the NC area, it’s likely you’ve heard the buzz surrounding North Carolina medical marijuana legalization. Just recently, the third senate committee approved the NC medical marijuana bill. Which means, the state is just one step closer to approving cannabis for patient use. So, with all eyes on North Carolina being the next […]

The Ultimate Guide To Harvesting Hemp – The Top Secrets to Know

So, you know how to smoke hemp flower…but do you know how that flower gets ready for smoking? The growth process of cannabis and hemp plants is no simple feat. In fact, the method of curing hemp flower can significantly affect its quality and potency. To become an informed hemp flower connoisseur, you should understand […]