Finding the perfect holiday gift for a friend can be tough. What could it be? A scarf? A hat? The latest tech? They’re all so basic. You want a gift that screams, “I really took the time to think about you and what you need, pal!” In a year that has proved challenging for many, anxiety levels are higher than ever. The holidays are the perfect time to tell your loved ones how much you care about them and want to help ease their anxiety and stress. What better way of showing your affection than by investing in their health and wellness?


So what can you get your friend that loves all things cannabis? No need to look any further. Check out these great CBD gift options for all your cannabis-loving friends’ desires!


1. Hemp Flower 

Put a twist on gifting the traditional “flower” bouquet and give your friend some of our meticulously grown hemp flower. We offer different flavors and strains of indoor and greenhouse-grown hemp flower. Got a friend who needs to mellow out? We have indica strains of flower that would put their mind and body at ease. Have another friend who needs some help focusing? Check out our sativa strains like the Hawaiian Haze hemp flower. Need a gift for that friend who could use some pain relief but also wants to remain alert and focused? We got you covered with our indica-sativa hybrid flower.  

Hemp flower buds - Hawaiian Haze CBD - from Longleaf Provisions - the best CBD in Winston-Salem

2. Franny’s CBD Bath Bomb

With the year we’ve all had, we could all use a little relaxation in our lives. Franny’s CBD Bath Bomb is loaded with 75mg of full spectrum hemp oil working to put your body at ease. Your friend will love the soothing feeling of milk and honey on their skin as they take in the aromatic scents of cinnamon, clove, and vanilla. 

CBD Bath Bomb 75 mg - Milk & Honey - Franny's Farmacy - Longleaf Provisions - the best CBD in Winston-Salem

3. LPC 1500mg CBD Healing Salve

Does someone on your gift-giving list do work in a profession of manual labor? Or maybe you have a friend who’s an athlete that experiences muscle spasms and joint pain. Whichever the case may be, the Longleaf Provisions powerful CBD healing salve works to ease all aches and pains in a matter of minutes. Our healing salve is jam-packed with 1500mg of CBD and made with camphor and menthol for extra pain and antispasmodic relief as well as that comforting “cooling/warming” sensation.

Healing Salve

4. Transdermal CBD Patches

Quick and easy-to-use! Apply these CBD patches directly on the skin to the area that needs relief and you’ll instantly release 60 MG of full-spectrum CBD on the desired area. These are perfect for the friend that is in need of fast-acting, location-specific relief!


5. Tinctures

Tried and true, tinctures are a staple in any cannabis-lover’s medicine cabinet. Consuming anywhere from a few drops to a dropper full (depending on what works best for you) sublingually to get the day started or to finish the day, our LPC Tinctures are one of the easiest, most effective ways to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. Help ensure your friend is supporting their endocannabinoid system for optimal performance throughout the day. 


Our peppermint-flavored LPC Full Spectrum Tincture has added MCT oil to help the body maximize absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. We offer both 1,000mg, 2,000mg, and 3,000mg full spectrum tinctures.


For friends in need of a THC-free option, the Hempterra CBD 1,000mg Tincture comes in peppermint or natural flavors. Made with organic black cumin seed oil, organic hemp seed oil, and squalane from olive oil, the Hempterra CBD Tincture is unparalleled when it comes to efficacy.


Nothing says “happy holidays” in 2020 like the right CBD gift for the right friend. Especially now with all the uncertainty going on in the world, giving a friend the gift of CBD for the holidays, is like giving them the gift of serenity.


From the family at Longleaf Provisions Company to yours, Happy Holidays!