It’s official – CBD is just about everywhere. You can find CBD at local dispensaries, gas stations, grocery stores, and delis, and it is in just about every other corner store in your neighborhood. Forbes even labeled CBD as being more popular than Kayne West, Taylor Swift, The Beatles, and Jesus! The growing demand for CBD products brings about a lot of business opportunities for entrepreneurs and business professionals.


A recent survey found that one-third of Americans have used CBD. That means approximately 109,400,000 people in the U.S. know about and already have used CBD. This number continues to grow at an exponential rate. In 2019, statistics show that CBD products generated sales of approximately five billion U.S. Dollars. Predictions state that by 2023, CBD product sales are going to reach over 20 billion U.S. Dollars. That’s a lot of green!


Now is the time to get into the CBD business. But it’s not so simple to buy land and start growing hemp – that takes a lot of time, expertise, and money. So how can you get in on the action and make a profit off of selling CBD products with a low startup cost and with no inventory? The answer is drop shipping.


What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a revolutionary business model that allows entrepreneurs to create an eCommerce store and sell products to customers without any inventory. Instead, when the online retailer sells a product, the retailer purchases the item from a third party, who then directly ships the item to the buyer. 


For example, let’s say you own an eCommerce store, and you use drop shipping to sell CBD tinctures. You don’t actually have hundreds of tinctures piled up in boxes in your basement at home. No, what you have is the ability to purchase whichever CBD tincture is sold on your site from a third-party retailer or wholesaler. The third-party company will then ship the products to the buyer, and you get a cut of the profits. 


Check out this dropshipping method:

  1. A customer places an order from your online store
  2. Your store automatically sends the order to your dropshipping supplier
  3. The dropshipping supplier prepares the customer’s order
  4. The dropshipping supplier ships the order to your customer


Dropshipping CBD Products

Longleaf Provisions Company is looking for entrepreneurs to become dropshipping partners with us. LPC is a seed-to-shelf supplier that produces smokable CBD flower buds, topicals, tinctures, tonics, beauty, and personal care, as well as pet products too. With simple products, pricing, ordering, and shipping breaking into the CBD space has never been easier.


CBD dropshipping grows your business without growth concerns – LPC supports your company’s efforts by scaling with you. LPC controls its supply chain with vertical integration, which eliminates risk and increases product quality. The hemp is grown and cultivated just 10 minutes away from Longleaf’s premiere storefront located in Winston-Salem, NC. In turn, superior products create customer loyalty and increase the cash in your pocket. 


Dropshipping with LPC ensures your customers receive the same high-quality CBD products each time they buy from you. LPC backs all products with certificates of analysis (COAs). These are provided by an independent, DEA-certified testing facility. COAs provide assurance that premium hemp oil is in all of LPC’s CBD products. Your customers will appreciate the transparency, and you’ll appreciate their loyalty. 


Is Dropshipping CBD Right for You?

LPC’s financial experience and marketing outreach direction provide invaluable guidance to dropshipping entrepreneurs. Navigating through credit card authorization, digital marketing, and point of sale is an easy process with Longleaf. You can start your business and start profiting immediately.


Longleaf believes continuing education and training is a top priority. Experts will guide you through the process while educating you on consumer data and technology insights, as well as buyers’ guides and digital marketing. 


Curious to learn more about how you can make money by dropshipping CBD products? Visit or call our team of experts at 336-602-2423 to discuss your future and the future of your wallet.