At Longleaf Provisions Company (LPC), we aim to support the growth of high-quality hemp and CBD products to satisfy the demands of our clientele. 

By observing all quality inspections, our premium products can be reflected in the high customer satisfaction and the growth rate of LPC.

May 2019: Opening For Retail

Longleaf Provision is a lifelong project that started in retail on May 13th, 2019. 

We had poured our heart and soul into preparing for the new shop. 

LPC couldn’t ask for a better location. 

Our retail shop is nested at the heart of Winston-Salem, making it accessible for our clients. 

The beautiful infrastructure of our shop is one of a handful of determining factors in the growth of LPC. 

Summer 2019: Wholesale

We experienced firsthand the demand for premium quality cannabis and cannabis derivatives in the first few months of retail LPC. 

Curious clients gradually trickled into our shop, and soon enough, in summer 2019, we started wholesale. 

With every interaction and helpful advice from our team, we developed trust and loyalty with our customers. 

The addition of wholesale products resulted in increased exposure to LPC products in the North Carolina market. 

Summer 2019: Consulting With Greenhouse Farmers To Grow Cannabis

Simultaneously, while launching wholesale in our retail shop, we also initiated growing cannabis for our brand. 

We recognize that cannabis farmers in North Carolina have a deep understanding of the intricacies of growing cannabis and are proving to be an invaluable source of reliable knowledge.

LPC was interested in outdoor and greenhouse cannabis agriculture to guarantee 100% premium quality of cannabis and cannabis derivative products. 

Experiencing how to care for cannabis plants and optimize their growth renewed our dedication and interest in growing our own plants. 

We were determined that growing cannabis was the best approach to expand Longleaf Provision Company.

Fall 2019: Started Drying, Trimming, Bagging, And Brokering Flowers For Other Farmers

To gain more experience and expertise in cannabis agriculture, we partnered with North Carolina farmers. 

Under their guidance and advice, we learned how to precisely harvest, dry, trim, and package flowers to maintain the perfect condition of cannabis buds. 

The process was complex and tedious, but we persevered, knowing that our clients deserve only the best. 

Our team quickly understood the different precautions and careful steps to harvest fresh and potent buds.

Fall 2019: Starting Our Own Indoor Grow

After spending several months under the expertise and guidance of cannabis farmers, we were fully equipped to launch our grow room. 

The back of our retail shop was big enough to accommodate cannabis plants to grow and be harvested. 

We carefully prepared the room to provide optimum conditions for the rapid and potent growth of cannabis buds. 

We also started experimenting with a process called Phenohunting to guarantee that our genetics are the best on the market. 

Quickly, our small cannabis plants grew into mature cannabis plants. 

Our first batch of cannabis buds received so much love from our clients that we couldn’t satisfy all of their demands. 

It led us to the next chapter of LPC – forming a sister company. 

Winter 2019: Creating Our Sister Company, Cooper Lake Cannabis

Our genetics were selling like hotcakes. 

Customers always came to our shop, looking for strong and high-quality buds. 

Gradually, LPC became a well-known brand and a go-to shop for many North Carolinians. 

Despite having a perfect grow room, we could not satisfy the ramping demands of our clientele. 

LPC then decided to form a sister company that will grow our genetics for production. 

At Longleaf, we test and find innovative genetics that is then sent to Cooper Lake Cannabis. 

With the new system in place, we combined traditional and modern farming approaches to make premium cannabis and CBD products. 

Our premium quality is a result of meticulous inspection and sustainable agricultural methods. 

Despite the long process of forming a sister company, the satisfaction of our clients made it all worth it. 

Yet, we were presented with another challenge. 

Spring 2020: Covid Pandemic

No one saw the pandemic coming. 

Like other cannabis retailers and the rest of the country, our sales plummeted when the pandemic first hit us. 

However, at Longleaf, we never back down from a challenge. 

Instead of focusing on retail sales, we shifted our focus to cultivating and processing cannabis products for other companies. 

By adapting to the new situation, we developed new skills and learned to think creatively to tackle the problem. 

Our team also designed a new e-commerce system with deliveries to make sure that our clients were not penalized. 

The new system opened the door to another facet of the cannabis market – online customers. 

Summer/Fall 2020: We Launched Our New Website

Our clients rejoiced to know that they could still buy our products when we launched our new website. 

At Longleaf, we aim to educate people about cannabis and eliminate all stigmas associated with the wonderful plant. 

What a better way to do so than to start a blog! 

So, we created a new blog on the website. 

While it is still in its early stages, we tackled the effects of cannabis on humans’ endocannabinoid system and CBD FAQs. 

Fall 2020: Taking On Larger Consulting Projects

With LongLeaf’s rapid expansion and success in the cannabis market, several other companies asked for our expertise on their projects. 

Since we want to boost the cannabis industry across the country, our team readily agreed to help other cannabis retailers and farmers on their journey to impact the community. 

Despite our consulting role on big projects, we also learned new skills and information about several aspects of the cannabis industry. 

Winter 2020: Launched Drop Shipping

Our team partnered with other retailers that met our selection criteria of high-quality products only. 

We started drop shipping featured products on our website directly to our clients to provide a wider selection of products. 

We received generous support and encouragement from our customers who appreciate and enjoyed the new products and home deliveries. 

Spring 2021: Wait And See The Upcoming Significant Developments!

Our team at Longleaf is always thinking of innovative ways to meet the demands of our customers. 

We have been working on several projects and are excited to share the products with you. 

Always keep an eye on Longleaf because we promise that we have more than one trick up our sleeves!