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Meet our New Delta 8 Candy & Taffy & Top Delta 8 Edibles Effects

Delta 8 edibles effects continue to trend, as more and more consumers discover its unique benefits.

As do edibles, for their convenience in use, potent effects, and deliciously sweet tastes.

That’s why Long Leaf Provisions is thrilled to announce its two latest Delta 8 THC products – Hard Candy, and Salt Water Taffy.

So, let’s dive deep into what makes these treats unique, and everything you need to know about delta-8 edibles effects.


All About Delta 8 THC Benefits

Delta 8 THC benefits are rising in popularity, for a few key reasons. One being, its federal legalities, due to the language of the 2018 Farm Bill. Since, delta 8 is a byproduct of CBD extraction for legal hemp CBD goods, delta 8 edibles, flower, and tinctures can be sold in any state that hasn’t passed specific legislation outlawing sales, use, or distribution.

Secondly, delta 8 THC is a mild form of the delta 9 THC you may be used to. Meaning, you can reap all the benefits that cannabis provides – without too psychoactive of a buzz. This is due to the placement of a molecular double bond, and how it interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

For delta 8, the double bond occurs on the 8th carbon of the molecular chain. While delta 9’s is on the 9th carbon. This slight difference alters the way the compounds bind, influence and attach to receptors in the ECS. Hence, the variance in strength and intensity that delta 8 delivers. With some even referencing delta 8 as ‘diet weed’ or ‘marijuana lite’.

Regardless, when you consume delta 8 THC you’re treated to a myriad of therapeutic effects. Including –

  • Mild euphoria
  • Uplifted moods
  • Relaxing sedation
  • Mild relief of pain
  • Reduction of insomnia symptoms
  • Increase in appetite

Long Leaf Provision’s Latest Delta 8 Edibles

Due to the popularity of Long Leaf Provisions’ delta 8 gummies, our team knew we had to offer more when it comes to delta 8 edibles. Hence, the latest products to hit our shelves – delta 8 THC hard candies, and delta 8 THC saltwater taffy.

Edibles are beloved not only for their sweet taste, and avoidance of inhaling – but, also for the long-lasting effects they can deliver. Since the delta 8 compound is metabolized by the digestive system, the effects of edibles can last anywhere from 4-6 hours versus just 45 minutes – 2 hours with other consumption methods.

So, let’s explore each fresh product to see just why you should add the delta 8 edibles for sale now, to your repertoire of CBD and THC goodies –


Twin City Treats Delta 8 Hard Candies

First and foremost, the Twin City Treats Delta 8 Hard Candies offer a wide variety of flavors to satisfy any favorite taste or craving. Including –

  • Pineapple
  • Green Apple
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Orange
  • Strawberry

Packed full of fruity flavor, and 60 MG of delta 8 THC per candy, you can satisfy your sweet tooth while being treated to an extended-release of benefits and effects. The Twin City Treats Delta 8 Hard Candies also deliver on discretion and travelability. The tin can is the perfect size to throw in any bag, purse or pocket and appears as any other hard candy would. Just pop a candy in your mouth, and kick back and relax for sweet, mild, and euphoric relief.


Twin City Treats Delta 8 Saltwater Taffy

Who doesn’t love a soft, chewy, and flavor-packed piece of saltwater taffy? That’s the idea behind our Twin City Treats Delta 8 Saltwater Taffy. Take yourself back to vacations of the past, each time you’re seeking to consume high-quality delta 8 for high-quality relief. In fact, you might even recognize this taffy specifically, as it’s crafted by a master confectioner who has supplied the east coast for over 50 years. Each treat is chock-full of 60 MG of delta 8 THC for euphoric, relaxing vibes, and is available in the following crave-worthy and nostalgic flavors –

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Cotton Candy
  • Orange Creamsicle

Adding Delta 8 THC Benefits to Your Routine

At Long Leaf Provisions, it’s our mission to produce the highest quality hemp on our native North Carolina lands. From our indoor grow facilities, to outdoor fields, each step of the process is specially designed to deliver premium results, and sustainability, too.

So, no matter where you live – you can experience our old school values and traditional farming methods that connect with modern cultivation methodology. Start shopping our collection of delta 8 edibles online, including our freshest offerings of hard candies, and salt water taffy today.

And don’t be shy – be sure to browse our full selection of premium hemp flower, tinctures, topicals, beauty goods, pet products, and more, for all your CBD and delta 8 THC needs.