Our Story

Longleaf Provisions Company (LPC) is proud to tell our story. We are leaders in North Carolina’s growing agribusiness community. As such, we carry the past, present, and future of the CBD industry all at once in our label.

Our roots reside in Winston-Salem. So, LPC brings NC CBD agribusiness to the world.

“One of the main reasons we set up shop here [in Winston-Salem] was to promote and support North Carolina agriculture,” says Founder Adam Ivers. “But, CBD is a competitive industry. So, while there’s plenty of room at the table, if we want to compete, we have to stick together.”

LPC grow operations are headed by west coast veteran Robin Zieber. He moved back to North Carolina where he and his childhood friend Adam started LPC. And now Robin concentrates on growing premium CBD flower.

Together, Robin and Adam set up shop in the eclectic Ardmore area off downtown Winston-Salem. Their dispensary, set between two hospitals, was an immediate hit. Even the Sheriff, who was invited in for a visit, was impressed with LPC products.

Using the finest ingredients, LPC crafts multiple CBD-rich goods for an enhanced lifestyle. Our brand assures the finest CBD buds, beauty & personal care goods, topicals, tinctures, and even pet love products!

LPC is passionate about our products and the cannabis industry. And, along with our North Carolina agribusiness neighbors, we are steeped in local tradition. So, when it comes to cannabis, hemp, and CBD, we educate, advocate and facilitate. We have old-school values and modern approaches. So, watch for cool new things often here at longleafpro.com!

We founded LPC on the belief that cannabis is an effective, plant-based, therapeutic, and medicinal supplement. And, the human body’s endocannabinoid system benefits from cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD). So, it’s our mission to provide people a choice of premium CBD products.

Sustainable agriculture is the wave of the future, just as it was in the past. So, that’s why the LPC label reflects the vintage connection to sustainable farming traditions, as well as modern methodology to produce premium CBD goods customers love.

And what does the future hold? You’ll have to come back and see.




Ben Wester is the newest addition to LPC’s team, joining us in July of 2020. We promoted Ben from consultant to director of photography and social media almost immediately for his passion, dedication and knowledge. Ben has been a breath of fresh air, full of energy and bright new ideas.


Since day one, Cody has been a cornerstone of LPC’s Hawthorne CBD shop. His attention to detail and people skills make him an invaluable resource to our customers. Cody works quietly and tirelessly to bring customers the a satisfying in-store premium LPC CBD experience.


Cory Greenlee (AKA The OG of LPC) was the first employee of LPC. In April of 2019 he started, gave us two months of dedication and hard work, then branched out to building outside sales relationships. This is how Cory gained success bringing LPC its largest wholesale customers.


Outside Sales Manager & Community Educator Drew Bowman is an LPC CBD advocate. He brings a passion for education works well in the cannabis space, where so much misinformation still exists. Drew works with businesses and individuals to deliver Drop Shipping & Wholesale strategies.