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Wifi OG

WiFi OG, also known as White Fire OG or simply WiFi, is a hybrid strain that blends the genetics of two well-known strains: The White and Fire OG. The result is a balanced hybrid that exhibits characteristics of both indica and sativa varieties. One of the standout features of WiFi OG is its distinctive aroma. It often emits a pungent and earthy scent, accompanied by hints of diesel and citrus. The combination of these aromas creates a complex and robust olfactory profile. When consumed, WiFi OG tends to have a flavor profile that mirrors its aroma. Users may detect a blend of earthy, diesel-like tones, along with subtle citrus or pine undertones. The smoke can be smooth, making it enjoyable for those who appreciate a flavorful cannabis experience. WiFi OG is renowned for its potent effects that can provide a well-balanced high. The strain is known to induce a euphoric and uplifting feeling, coupled with a sense of relaxation. The combination of sativa and indica genetics can make WiFi OG suitable for various occasions, from socializing to relaxation. Wifi OG tests high in Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene.

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I am so impressed with this company!! Excellent, friendly customer service, high quality product, clean, beautiful store front and lightning fast shipping - 5 stars on every aspect. Thank you Longleaf

Rebecca Rose LPC Verified Customer

They have been so helpful to help me dial in what I prefer and are always willing to answer a newbs questions. I've tried several other CBD/Hemp products and stores and this is by far the most helpful, highest quality and friendliest shop around.Don't hesitate to pay them a visit, I'm glad I did.

Chris Barclay LPC Verified Customer

Longleaf Provisions is a gem! I placed an online order that was packaged with care, and delivered quickly. Their Sour Space Candy flower is beautiful & smooth tasting, and I recommend trying their Reishi Master Tonic.

Michelle Pike LPC Verified Customer

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