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I came to long leaf provisions looking for CBD for my dog as i’ve heard the great things it will do to cure anxiety for pups… after clearing it with my Vet I gave it a go!

I am a complete CBD noob and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. However Adam was very welcoming and knowledgable… he even gave me a sample of human CBD for me to try. I ended up getting the pe tincture for my pop tincture for my pup and WOW I am sold. I started with just a few drops o a dog treat as I was worried it would make her lethargic… we went to the dog park and she wasn’t shaking and didn’t hide behind my legs. I give her few drops in the morning with breakfast before I leave her in her kennel while I go to work & it seems to be the solution for her anxiety!

Five Stars For this operation! 


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Love this spot, staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Store front is clean and easy to navigate. 10/10 am recommending to everyone lol.

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