In any industry, professional organizations and associations are vital for resources, education and advocacy. Which is even more important when it comes to hemp, and agriculture and the nature of the ever-evolving market.

That’s why, the Longleaf Provisions Company is teaming up with the Southeast Hemp Association as partners in the growth of the industry.

So, how does the Association serve the hemp industry? And how can you become more involved with local hemp events and happenings? Keep reading, to find out.


Fighting the good fight for hemp

Like any trade association, the Southeast Hemp Association exists to fight the good fights for the industry at a legislative level. In addition, to offering a variety of member perks which we’ll go into more in-depth, next. Of most importance, is ensuring that legislation at the federal and state level stays in favor of those integral to industry success. Including, hemp cultivators, processors, manufacturers, retailers and ancillary business owners who keep the market moving.

For a little background, let’s cover the roots of the Southeast Hemp Association. The Association was originally founded in 2015. Then known as North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association (NCIHA). One of the group’s first accomplishments was a biggy for the industry in North Carolina. As the Association was primarily responsible for the lobbying effort behind the passage of the state’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

Beyond being vital to the expanded hemp program, NCIHA served the local hemp industry with continuing education, training, and hemp industry news. Once reaching members in a total of seven different states – the group took a more bio-regional approach. Hence, the creation of the Southeast Hemp Association in July 2020, after approval from the NCIHA’s voting members. Which now includes 650+ members from the states of –

  • North Carolina 
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Maryland
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

The latest news and happenings

Within just a year, the Southeast Hemp Association is taking off on providing valuable perks to its members. Serving the surrounding areas’ hemp businesses with the advocacy and resources it needs to succeed. That includes a series of educational events members are attending, to elevate their industry knowledge and offerings to consumers. Most recently, the Association’s virtual webinars have covered a wide array of topics. Including quality assurance testing hosted by the VP of Emerald Scientific, and carbon sequestration.

As for one of their biggest educational events – in February of 2021, the Association held their 4th Annual Industrial Hemp Summit where ‘Our Industry United’ was the theme. 230 participants from 28 different states came together virtually, to learn the latest in the industry. Educational offerings covered the state of the industry, market opportunities, financing, state regulations, legal policy, genetics, testing and more.

Connecting with the SE Hemp Association

Now, with lockdown restrictions lifting, and social distancing lessening, the Southeast Hemp Association is embracing in-person networking events w/ their CONNECT series. By hosting these gatherings, industry leaders and business owners can come together, to trade ideas, share best practices, and work on strengthening the industry overall. Not to mention, having fun with a like-minded crew and community, too. Which you can see first-hand from the event photos shared via
social media.

The CONNECT events occur throughout the states that the Association serves. The premier CONNECT  in Wilmington, the second in Asheville and the third is set for Blacksburg, Virginia on July 29th, 2021. Members are welcome to join the CONNECT events, where vendors display, sell their products, and meet prospective partners. Lastly, each event is at the trendiest bars and restaurants in the area. Adding to an even more lively and enjoyable experience. Like the Eastern Divide Brewing Company set for the Virginia meeting coming soon.

Staying involved to stay ahead

At Longleaf Provisions, the more involved we are with the industry the more we can stay ahead of the latest trends. Helping us to serve our customers and clients that much better. By becoming a part of the Southeast Hemp Association, we’re thrilled to be a part of the growth in the region. While supporting advocacy for positive change and best practices, industry wide. All in all, the Associations’ work helps our local communities in consuming hemp and CBD products (
like ours!) safely, wisely, and to the fullest.