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Strongest THCA Flower Online That You Can Get

What is the best thing about THCA flower? There’s something for everyone! When a plant produces over 400 varying cannabinoids and compounds that influence its effects, it can be a task to find just which type suits your needs most. 

However, if you’re a consumer looking for the strongest THCA flower online, that’s a simpler query. There are a variety of well-known strains for being strong and potent, with higher levels of THCA than others. 

So if you have a high tolerance or are seeking high-strength relief, seeking out the strongest THCA flower online makes sense. But spending hours and hours of time looking for the most potent THCA flower may leave you feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to finding the strongest THCA flower online that you can get. 

Keep reading to learn more about these strains, including where to find the strongest THCA flower online and more. 

A Look At The Strongest THCA Flowers Online

Let’s not waste any time! If you’re looking for the strongest THCA flower online, here are the top 5 strains we recommend. 

  1. Peaches And Cream

Peaches and Cream doesn’t just offer you sweet southern flavors; no matter your location, it offers a strong buzz, too. The strain comes from skunk lineage, making it quite pungent in aroma too. It has a creamy, floral, and citrusy taste, with a hint of skunkiness and spice on every exhale. 

Buds with major bag appeal, Peaches and Cream, is pink and orange in hue, showing off unique pastel hairs. As for effects, expect a heady euphoria that boosts the mood and creativity for unwinding after working or tackling tasks. 

  1. Lemon Cherry Gelato

Another summer favorite, and another strongest THCA flower online, is the strain Lemon Cherry Gelato. This triple threat is a cross of Lemon Kush, Cherry Pie, and Gelato for a dessert-like flavor that bursts with tastes of fresh lemon and ripe tart cherries with a tangy undertone. 

The invigorating scent ignites the senses even further with a lively yet balanced hybrid buzz. Consumers can expect an instant lift to their mood with a burst of energy that’s ideal for social settings and slowly soothes into a comforting body high that’s totally tranquil. 

  1. Gush Mints

Get ready to gush over these purp-forward buds from the powerful indica-dominant hybrid strain, Gush Mints. A cross of many Cookies lineage strains, Gush Mints is chock-full of all of the notoriously classic THCA flower aromas, like diesel and sweet earthy pine. 

You’ll recognize its strength from the stickiness of the buds (that’s those resinous trichomes filled with the good stuff!) and be transcended into a total state of bliss in no time. One of the strongest THCA flowers online, Gush Mints, will put your mind and body at ease and free of everyday stresses.

  1. Candy Runtz

Sticking to purple strains and back to the sweet flavors is another one of the strongest THCA flowers online, Candy Runtz. This cross of Zkittlez and Gelato offers consumers a unique terpene profile that offers earthy, natural aromas with hints of sweet, fruity candy flavors. 

The popular indica dominant hybrid is a go-to for many consumers to stay alert throughout the day and to relieve their body of aches and discomfort. Its effects uplift the mood and even increase your creativity for work or pleasure.  

  1. LA Sunrise

Last but not least is a strain paying homage to the West Coast influence on cannabis, with LA Sunrise. “Sunrise” hints towards the strain’s wake-and-bake nature as the strain is highly energizing, and uplifting. Ideal for daytime use, LA Sunrise comforts the body and keeps the mind alert and focused. 

Its aroma and taste are just as bright as you’d assume, with earthy and pine undertones that have a kick of citrus and tropical fruit. 

Understanding THCA Flower Potency

So now that you have a complete list of the strongest THCA flower online, let’s dive deeper into what makes strains more potent than others. Because THCA is the cannabinoid that transforms into THC upon decarboxylation (or applying heat, AKA a lighter or flame!), that’s the first thing to consider for potency. 

The higher the THCA percentage, the more potent the flower. But it’s not just THCA that lends to potency. Other compounds that the cannabis plant produces, like terpenes or flavonoids, can also add to a buzz’s strength. This is what’s known as the entourage effect. 

The entourage effect refers to a proven phenomenon that, when consumed together, the varying cannabinoids and compounds of the cannabis plant are stronger, than when consumed individually. Meaning, that the amount of terpenes or the type of terpenes in the flower can also affect the strength of your flower. 

To determine if that THCA flower you’re considering buying has high levels of other cannabinoids or terpenes, check the COA to compare percentages. 

What’s A High Percentage THCA Flower? 

The next question, if you’re looking for the strongest THCA flower online, is what exactly is a high percentage to look for? THCA flower strains contain anywhere from 10-20% THCA, with 20% being on the higher end of potency. However, with high levels of care and certain lineages, THCA can reach upwards of 30%. 

Of course, be leery or cautious of any THCA flower that boasts unusually high THCA levels in flower. Anything over 30% would be rare and should raise red flags for buyers. Also keep in mind, that any THCA flower you purchase online should come with a product COA that confirms its safety and potency. 

This is where you can confirm potency levels and things like the flower being free from contaminants, molds, and pesticides. If suspect percentages are found on COAs, verify the lab listed and its accreditation before purchasing. 

How To Use THCA Flower To Get The Strongest High 

Once you have the strongest flower online in hand, what’s the best way to achieve the strongest high? 

Here are three methods that can boost your buzz – 

  1. Water bongs: While not scientifically proven, consumer anecdotal evidence points to the fact that adding water to your bong may just boost your high. 
  2. Vaporizers: Many consumers also report that dry herb vaporizers can strengthen the intensity of a THCA flower high, too. 
  3. Infusing joints: Infused prerolls are popular in legal THC markets, and you can make your own with THCA flower. Simply break up the THCA flower before rolling a joint and sprinkle it with kief, or coat it with an extract or concentrate. Because these types of THCA products have a higher percentage, they’ll promote a stronger high. 

Differences Of THCA, THC, And Hemp

Before we go, as you head into the wild world of shopping for THCA flowers on the world wide web, you’ll want to know the differences between THCA, THC, and Hemp. 

Let’s break these down so you have all the definitions you need to shop wisely. 

  • THCA: Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, also known as THCA, is a substance that hemp and cannabis plants naturally produce. It’s the precursor to THC, and when heat is applied, the acid group (or the “a”) breaks down, transforming the acid to THC. 
  • THC: THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, a crystalline compound that hemp and cannabis plants naturally produce. THC is most well known for producing cannabis’ psychoactive effects or its notorious “high.”. 
  • Hemp: Hemp is a plant whose cultivation was legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp, like cannabis, produces THCA and THC, making it legal for sale across the US. 

Based on these definitions, you can appropriately shop for the strongest THCA flower online and beyond. 

Final Thoughts About The Strongest THCA Flower Online

In this guide, not only did you learn what makes some of the stronger THCA flower online, potent, but also the top 5 strongest strains to try first. Interested in testing the strongest THCA flower online yourself? We’ve got you at Longleaf Provisions Company. 

Located in North Carolina with deep roots in the state’s rich agriculture community, Longleaf is passionate about hemp and takes pride in every plant they grow, and the products they offer. Online or in-store at our retail location in Winston-Salem, you’ll find the finest hemp THCA flower, pre-rolls, edibles, and beyond. 

Conveniently shop online for delivery across the US, or plan a trip to say “high” to our friendly team!