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THCA Flower Prices: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

As new as the THCA flower market is, it’s wise for consumers to explore THCA flower prices before clicking “buy.” In today’s modern world, THCA flower is readily available in-store and online, making it that much more difficult for consumers to choose a vendor. 

If you’re scouring for the best THCA flower prices and wondering what makes them vary so greatly, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll review everything you need to know about buying THCA flower, including all the basics of THCA flower prices. 

Keep reading to learn more and to avoid making poor purchasing decisions when it comes to THCA flower.  

Importance Of Understanding THCA Flower Prices 

With a quick search on the internet, it seems anybody, and everybody is selling THCA flower online. As the popularity of plant wellness grows, so does the number of cultivators, wholesalers, and retailers in the business. 

Unfortunately, with a surplus of vendors or suppliers, it can be difficult for consumers to navigate the buying process. 

Understanding THCA flower prices is crucial, not only to find high-quality products but to avoid potentially unsafe products, and wasting your money on deals that are too good to be true. 

So, to give you an idea of what to consider when weighing different THCA flower prices, let’s get into the top factors that influence them. 

Factors Influencing THCA Flower Prices

Like any product for sale, there are a few factors that go into its pricing. For THCA flower, prices rely heavily on the overall quality of the end crop, which is also dependent on the cultivation practices used to grow it, and the type of strain it is. 

To understand better, let’s dive deeper into each factor. 


Not surprisingly, THCA flower can vary greatly in quality. Typically, the factors that influence overall quality include – 

  • Bud size – The size of bud will reflect its quality, and price, with “smalls” selling for less. 
  • Bud density – Airy, fluffy buds are often considered of lesser quality vs dense buds. 
  • Aroma – A fragrant and pungent flower is another key indicator of quality flower. 
  • Resinous coating – The sticky nature of buds is another trait indicating quality, as the resinous glands found in THCA flower contain compounds that add to potency and flavor. 


While the cultivation style will ultimately determine the quality of the flower, it’s still important to understand how varying styles will affect pricing. For instance, outdoor or sun-grown flower tend to command a lesser cost due to using fewer resources to grow (electricity for lights, HVAC, etc.). 

On the flip side, flower grown indoors or organically can command higher prices due to the higher level of care required to nurture quality growth. 


Landrace or exotic genetics that have been protected, preserved, or specially genetically crossed can also come at a higher cost compared to others. 

THCA Flower Prices Across Different Markets

Another factor that influences THCA flower prices is the market or region you’re purchasing from. Certain states have imposed restrictions on THCA flower after the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized the cultivation and sale. While other states have legal THC markets through medical or recreational legalization which can also affect pricing. 

Let’s cover just how, next. 

Difference In Prices Between Dispensaries And Online Retailers

When buying in a state-legalized dispensary, there is one factor that’ll increase the price you pay for THCA flower – taxes. Legal state markets have a sale or excise tax that ranges from 3% to a whopping 37% in certain states

Online retailers selling THCA flower, have the advantage of operating under the 2018 Farm Bill with sales outside of the taxable market. That means you can often find more affordable, high-quality THCA flower online vs. in person at legal dispensaries. 

Tips For Evaluating THCA Flower Prices

When comparing THCA flower prices from retailer to retailer, it can help to make an old-school comparison list of the factors we previously discussed. 

Conduct your research on each retailer’s cultivation method (check their website’s About page), and explore online reviews to gauge quality – not just on their website but Google, or social media platforms, too. 

In regards to strains, see if retailers both offer the same strain and take a look at the pictures they provide. Does one look better than the other? Is one priced higher than the other? From there, you can make an informed decision on which THCA flower price is most suitable for you. 

Will Prices Increase In The Future?

For now, only time will tell if THCA flower prices will increase in the future. Looking at various state-legal cannabis markets, typically, a boom in supply will drive retail prices down. As more cultivators begin producing THCA flower crops this could also be a potential future trend. 

If you’re concerned prices could go up, if supply does not rise, you may consider bulking up now if you have a regular plant wellness routine. If you do – be sure to brush up on how to properly store THCA flower. THCA flower is highly sensitive to air, light, and heat, which can cause a breakdown in its compounds and overall quality.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a full understanding of what influences THCA flower prices, you’re an informed plant wellness consumer. Remember, factors like quality, cultivation method, and strain will affect THCA flower prices, as well as the region you’re purchasing from. 

Use this guide to avoid making a bad purchase with untrustworthy THCA flower retailers. Looking for a trusted cultivator featuring flower from farm to shelf? Look no further than Longleaf Provisions Company

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