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The Top Reasons to Shop CBD Oil Locally This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for making your list and checking it twice, and searching for gifts that’ll make you and your recipient feel nice. This holiday season, and year-round – there’s no better way to make your heart grow three sizes (like our friend the Grinch!) than shopping local. Especially when it comes to buying local CBD products and goods. So, what are some of the feel-good perks of shopping CBD oil locally and supporting local CBD shops? Let’s get into our CBD holiday gift guide to find out!


The Top Reasons to Shop Local CBD


Holiday shopping is no simple feat especially in a year of unprecedented supply chain issues, and stock shortages. Checking off those last few gifts can be stressful, to say the least, but shopping CBD locally can help. Beyond treating your gift recipients to the power of all-natural self-care, your purchase comes with small business benefits, too.

So, if you’re still filling that sleigh with presents to give – here are the top reasons to shop local CBD for your hemp gifts this holiday season. 


  • Support your local farmers – We all know CBD has gone ‘big business’ with large-scale retailers operating from coast to coast. But when you shop local CBD, chances are you’re supporting local farmers sowing and harvesting hemp near your hometown. Your purchase will not only support local jobs but give you the peace of mind of knowing just where your product was cultivated, processed, and manufactured.
  • Small-batch quality – Speaking of big-time CBD vs local CBD, many local CBD brands are focused on small-batch harvests with a focus on quality vs quantity. Rather than processing large amounts of biomass flower material, local farmers are more in-tune with strain-specific blends for higher-quality products in the end.
  • Connect with your community – When you visit a local CBD shop, you’ll typically connect with small-scale teams who have a hand in serving the community in an up-close and personal manner. Local CBD stores are chock-full of employees who are passionate about plant healing, and happy to inform and educate consumers versus big-time brands you can’t get in touch or contact with.
  • Stimulate local economies – There’s nothing better than knowing where your money goes and who it supports. By buying your CBD holiday gifts from local CBD stores your gift gives back to local economies with a unique heart-warming edge.
  • Product education – Local CBD stores, business owners, and employees are much more informed of their unique products than big-box retailers. If you have any questions on products, they’re the experts to ask, and can even share their own personal experiences, too. This can lead to more informed purchases, better service, and an improved experience, overall.
  • Avoid supply chain issues – When CBD products are moving from a local field, processor, testing lab, and store – you’ll be dealing with far fewer kinks in the supply chain. Local CBD shops and retailers are a dependable and well-stocked go-to for gifts this year more than ever. With many suppliers hand or personally delivering their stock locally, you can avoid shipping delays or stock shortages altogether by shopping CBD oil locally.


Now, if you’re planning on gifting CBD this year let’s cover a few tips to keep in mind!


Tips for Giving or Gifting CBD


Outside of finding a local CBD store to support, there are some tips that can help you better shop for CBD holiday gifts. If you’re searching for a unique gift for those wellness seekers in your life, below is a guide for giving CBD gifts and goods.


  • Create a gift basket of personal goods – Get creative and craft up your own at-home spa box with a variety of hemp-infused beauty and personal care products. Perfect for any self-care guru, or gift recipient who could use some plant-powered relaxation.
  • Gift flower for old-fashioned friends – Know a friend who loves to puff on cigars, or misses an old-fashioned joint? Gift the legal alternative with CBD flower and pre-rolls.
  • Healing gifts for aches & pains – Local CBD topicals are a great gift for those loved ones suffering from aging ailments, or laborers who suffer from common aches and pains.
  • Sweet treats for sweet tooths – Locally crafted delta-8 candies are a perfect stocking stuffer for the foodies in your life or those who love a sweet treat.
  • Pets deserve presents too – From pet treats to pet tinctures, treat your pet to the good life this holiday with local CBD goods that can comfort and soothe.
  • For CBD beginners – For those recipients new to CBD, there’s nothing more classic than a high-quality, and whole-plant experience with classic CBD oils. Full-spectrum CBD tinctures can be easily infused into foods and drinks, and are accurately dosed, too.


Support Local CBD


Shopping local CBD stores not only supports hometown farmers who put their own heart and soul into each harvest but the community of workers they employ. Even more, as a local CBD buyer, you’ll become better connected with your community and have a unique edge of product knowledge, and small-batch quality.


So if you have holiday CBD gifts left on your list to buy – look no further than Longleaf Provisions Company located in the heart of Winston-Salem, NC. Visit our local CBD store to meet our team, peruse our selection of CBD gifts and goods and get to know your local hemp community! Plan a trip to see us now, or shop our online collection to support local CBD from afar.