Happy New Year! What are your resolutions for 2021? Do you want to put more focus on your health and wellness? Maybe you want to exercise more often or eat more nutritious foods. Or maybe you would like to remove the use of harmful products from your daily self-care routine. Whatever your new year’s goal is, your friends at Longleaf Provisions Company are here to support you with CBD!  


The start of the new year is a time of new beginnings and change, and usually, change for the better. The holiday season can leave you feeling less than jolly, stressed, and often a little bloated from all those sweet holiday treats. But that’s what new year’s resolutions are for, right? They remind you to keep your health and wellness at the top of your mind. Yet everyone knows new year’s resolutions can be fleeting. All it takes is the one day you skip the trip to the gym and then 7 months later you still haven’t gone back. Kickstart the new year with a resolution you’ll actually keep – incorporating CBD into your wellness routine.


It’s no surprise that this past year has not been kind to our mental health and overall wellness. So, it’s time we take action into our own hands with the help of CBD. CBD and hemp products can help you achieve your physical wellness goals as well as your mental health intentions in 2021. With anti-inflammatory properties, pain-relieving tendencies, the ability to relax and refresh your mind, and more, CBD is the holy grail of wellness products. 


Here are the 3 top trending CBD products for 2021 that will accelerate your healthy new year’s resolutions:


1. Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower

Is it okay to say that we are a little obsessed with our organic and locally grown hemp flower? We think so! Hemp flower provides an immediate source of stress, anxiety, and pain relief versus products like tinctures and gummies that can take 20-60 minutes for full effects to kick in. 


Had a rough day? Take the evening to chill with a pre-roll and feel your worries slide away with every inhale. We have dozens of flavors of hemp and offer multiple amounts from pre-rolls to an ounce. 

2. Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

CBD Tincture

Since you can get extremely precise dosing, tinctures are one of the best ways to take CBD. When it comes to the efficacy of CBD tinctures, the key term to be on the lookout for is “full-sprectrum”. Full-Spectrum CBD tinctures contain other compounds found in the plant responsible for the entourage effect (the moment when cannabis compounds act in synergy) to maximize the impact of the product. There is .03% of THC found in full-spectrum CBD oils but typically, no psychoactive effects are felt. 


CBD isolate, on the other hand, is a molecule separated from hemp’s other naturally-occurring compounds. CBD isolate tinctures have zero THC added but in turn, do not create the entourage effect and may not have as powerful of an influence as the full-spectrum tinctures. It’s best to work with a CBD expert and figure out which form of CBD is best for you and your needs.


3. Transdermal CBD Patches

CBD Transdermal Patches

Perfect for those that live an active lifestyle, our Transdermal CBD Patches apply directly to the skin in the desired area. Athletes, hikers, and avid gym-goers alike benefit greatly from being able to put our 60 MG of Full-Spectrum Transdermal CBD Patches directly on their pain points. Now you’ll be able to accomplish your 2021 fitness goals and hike the Great Smoky Mountains without any aches in your knees or joints!


Remember, the new year is like a new beginning. Now is as good a time as any to focus on your health and wellness, and ultimately, yourself. 2021 is a new year – a fresh start, why not work on a healthier, new you? For more information about how CBD can benefit you and your lifestyle, check out our CBD FAQ.