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Top THCA Flower Strains To Grab In North Carolina

One thing we love about THCA flower – the strains to try, seem to be never-ending! However, for some, the number of strains available to consume can be overwhelming. That’s where this guide to the top THCA flower strains will come in handy. 

So, if you’re exploring THCA flowers and want to know some of the top THCA flower strains connoisseurs prefer, keep reading. We’ll dive deep into this list of favorite flower choices and give you a full review of what to expect when it comes to taste and effects. 

  • Your Top THCA Flowers To Get 

Enough introducing; it’s time to get into the good stuff! Keep reading for the top THCA flower to buy online (or in person!). 

  1. Garlic Breath

One of the top THCA flower strains for those seeking and indica-dominant hybrid is Garlic Breath. This strain comes to us from a cross of GMO x Mendo Breath, for a pungent and savory scent and flavor profile. In fact, upon first whiff, its aroma is reminscent of freshly peeled garlic with undertones of spiciness. 

As for effects, Garlic Breath is a top THCA flower strain that offers relaxing effects that can be sedating in certain dosages. Best reserved for nighttime, consumers choose this strain to relieve discomfort and get a solid good night’s rest. 

  1. Bruce Banner

The might-iest top THCA flower strain of them all, is none other than Bruce Banner AKA Banner or OG Banner. This hybrid strain offers dense nugs, and a potent THC content for strong effects. In fact, its name comes to us from the Incredible Hulk – who could really use a puff or two to tame his notorious ball of anger. 

  1. Rainbow Zangria

On the more fruity side of our top THCA flower strains is a strain you’ll want to take literal sips of – Rainbow Zangria. This strain offers consumers a craveworthy fusion of flavors that ignite the senses and palate. Its initial aroma is a rich blend of tropical fruits, that have undertones of mango, pineapple, and refreshing citrus. 

On the exhale, you’re treated to a subtle spiciness and earthiness for a well-rounded flavor and finish. Effect-wise, Rainbow Zangria is a top THCA flower strain for its well-balanced buzz that uplifts the mood with its pleasurable euphoria. 

  1. Sherb Cake

The next top THCA flower is another tasty treat from Sherb Cake, a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Wedding Cake. With the combination of two beloved strains, it’s no surprise Sherb Cake offers a harmonious high with balancing effects. It’s also one of the most delectable on our list too, with a distinct flavor profile that tastes like a freshly baked pastry. 

As you break up the buds, you’ll experience the strain’s fruity undertones of citrus and berry. Its buzz is just as sweet with mood-enhancing effects.

  1. Peanut Butter Souffle THCA Flower

Peanut Butter Souffle is one of the rarest top THCA flower strain on our list, so if you can find it, try it! This hybrid offers creamy, nutty, and buttery flavors like no other as a cross of Dosidos and Lava Cake. Its effects are just as satisfying with giggly, and euphoric effects ideal for socializing. 

Beginners do beware! As Peanut Butter Souffle THCA flower tends to be more potent than other strains and is ideal for experienced cannabis consumers.

What Makes A THCA Flower Strain The Best?

For this list, the criteria of what makes a THCA flower strain the best include – 

  1. Genetics or lineage Some strains have been around for longer than others, meaning cultivators have better knowledge of how to grow them optimally and for their highest expression. This means the strains may have a more pungent aroma or flavor, or be higher in THCA or the compounds that provide its unique effects. It also means it can be considered a top THCA strain due to its reputation for being the best of the best. 
  2. Potency or effects Some strains are considered top THCA flower strains due to their high level of potency or specifically pleasing effects. For instance, if a THCA flower is notorious for happy, giggly moods, it can be more popular or considered “better” than those that may raise your tension. 
  3. Flavor or aroma Finally, some strains may be a top THCA flower strain due to their unique or crave-worthy flavor or aroma. Hemp and cannabis plants have 120 identifiable terpenes, meaning every individual strain and even plant can taste or smell a little different than another. Some consumers will seek out fruity scents or flavors, others nutty and earthy tastes, or even savory and garlicky flavors, too. 

Don’t forget! When it comes to consuming hemp and cannabis, there are different strokes for different folks and it affects every individual differently. So what may be a top THCA flower strain to you, might not be to someone else, and vice versa.

Be sure to explore your own experiences and self-review before taking the word of others.  

How To Decide On The Best THCA Flower Strains In North Carolina

Are five options still too many choices for you to come to a decision on which top THCA flower to try first? Next, we’ll provide some guidance on how to decide which is the best THCA flower strain specifically for you. 

First and foremost, decide what type of effects you’ll be seeking. As you can tell from our descriptions, some THCA flower will offer relaxing and sedating effects, while others will offer energizing or uplifting effects. Some are a well-balanced mix of both. 

For choosing a top THCA flower based on effects, keep these classifications in mind to help – 

  • Indica = more relaxing and sleepy. 
  • Sativa = more uplifting and energizing. 
  • Hybrid = a mix of both relaxing, and uplifting.  

If you enjoy consuming THCA flower for its taste, then you will make your decision based on the unique flavors a strain can provide. 

Final Thoughts About The Top THCA Flower Strains In NC

Now that you know the top THCA flower strains to buy, and what makes a top THCA flower strain – it’s time to find a top THCA flower retailer. Again, you’re in the right place, at Longleaf Provisions Company, a top cultivator of THCA flower in North Carolina. 

Our premium collection of top THCA flower strains is available in-person at our store in downtown Winston-Salem, or, online and available for shipping across the US. Start shopping these top THCA flower strains in NC now, or browse our other premium THC, CBD, and THCA products, too. Stay tuned for more THCA flower guides by connecting with Longleaf on Instagram now!