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Longleaf Provisions offers wholesale CBD prices on bulk purchases. We are a seed-to-shelf supplier and deliver premium,  full spectrum CBD products. Everything is tested and guaranteed pure which your customers will appreciate.

We have CBD hemp flower, hash or pre-rolled and beauty & personal care like soaps, balms, and bath bombs. LPC CBD topicals like body butters, healing salves and lotions and tinctures for under the tongue too. No matter your wholesale CBD needs, Longleaf Provisions can provide exceptional products and service. And that means before, during and after the reseller agreement.

Our Story Is Your Story

Longleaf Provisions offers wholesale CBD prices on bulk purchases. We are a seed-to-shelf supplier of full spectrum CBD products and guaranteed pure by third-party labs. And your customers will appreciate the effectiveness of opur vintage label and our selective genetic breeding.

We offer premium CBD hemp flower, hash or pre-rolled and beauty & personal care like soaps, balms, and bath bombs. There’s also LPC CBD topicals like body butters, healing salves and lotions and tinctures for under the tongue. We’ll meet your wholesale CBD needs and support your sales with our merchandising outreach.

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Longleaf CBD Services

We offer dropshipping, private label, and wholesale partnerships with minimal costs and commitment. Our partnerships are straight-forward, easy to understand, and efficient so that you can hit the ground running.

Want to know more about our Dropshipping Program and your future as a CBD dropshipping reseller? No better time than now to find out more.

We also offer exclusive white and private label programs. Contact us!

The Future of CBD

Full spectrum cannabis derivatives had a revitalization in 2019. Valued and promoted by doctors and patients alike, CBD is considered a revolutionary, non-psychoactive derivative. As a result, cannabis and CBD businesses continue to reach new heights and are some of the fastest growing industries in America.

Longleaf Provisions indoor hemp flower program offers unmatched selection and variety. You can provide a wide range of strains and create recurring customers. Need a consult for indoor grow operations? We do that too.

Why Longleaf CBD? 

  • Seed to shelf supply chain
  • Consistent product, increasing brand loyalty
  • Products backed by certificates of analysis
  • Financial guidance (CC, POS, Credit, Ins., etc) 
  • Continuing product education/marketing training 
  • Regulatory expertise and political representation
  • Easy order fulfillment incl. products, pricing & process
  • Successful eCommerce and franchise dispensary model

The Longleaf Difference

Longleaf controls its supply chain with vertical integration. So, it eliminates risk and increases product quality. And our exceptional hemp flower and CBD goods create customer loyalty.

Longleaf provides certificates of analysis (COAs) and meets all requirements. Tests are conducted by an independent and DEA-certified testing facility.

CBD Boosts NC Agriculture

Longleaf Provisions is Winston-Salem’s premier CBD dispensary. But our leadership in North Carolina agribusiness extends our brand globally. And a consistent reputation for excellence is great for you and your small business. Why? Because the LPC label represents a deeply-rooted cannabis experience and producing superior products with cutting edge approaches.

At wholesale prices, Longleaf Provisions is your key to CBD success.

We are rooted in rich farming traditions so we deliver premium harvests, grow after grow. Our indoor grow facilities are west-coast inspired and that means premium smokable CBD flower, hash, and pre-rolled cones. Conveniently packaged and convenient for your customers.

But wait! There’s MORE!

Full-Scale Wholesale

The same experience with agriculture and industry also provides expertly crafted products. Customers love the buds but they also dig topicals like body butters, lotions, balms, and salves. Plus, there are tinctures of different strengths for under the tongue use.

And a Longleaf Provisions wholesale partner means a relationship that continues after the sale. We continuously promote our brand whether it’s on social media, Youtube, blogs, podcasts, and beyond!

Someday the festival season will begin again so you’ll find us mingling with the crowds. We hand out samples and educate folks on the business of North Carolina hemp! Of course, we also promote Longleaf Provisions everywhere we go too and that helps you!

Your marketing of our brand is not a solo effort.

Whether it’s CBD hemp flower, hash, or pre-rolled; beauty & personal care like soaps, balms, and bath bombs; CBD topicals like body butters, healing salves, and lotions; or tinctures for under the tongue, Longleaf Provisions can meet your wholesale CBD needs.



Our multi-stage 3rd-party lab testing process ensures each batch meets Longleaf’s industry-leading standards for purity and quality.

Quality Control

Longleaf Provisions Company grows its own cannabis. Our products are third-party tested to ensure top-notch quality.


Longleaf Provisions Company is a veteran in the CBD industry, with a market-leading reputation. Our standards of product quality and consumer transparency are being adopted by lawmakers and competitors alike as a template for the right way to serve and protect consumers in this unregulated industry.


With distribution with  retailers across the Southeast, our Longleaf sales team provide client on-boarding, promotional marketing materials and continuous training for all of our business partners.


Longleaf Provisions Company includes QR codes on all our product packaging that link directly back to the independent lab results for that specific product batch


Longleaf Provisions Company sources the highest quality raw ingredients from American-farmed hemp extracts to ensure we’re putting out the purest products possible.

Locally Grown



Still Not Convinced?

Consider our additional competitive advantage


Climate controlled, indoor grow for top shelf quality CBD flower, and seed-to-shelf manufacturing.


Longleaf Provisions Wholesale program is straight forward. And we offer support after the sale too.


We use DEA-approved independent labs to test that our products meet set standards. This ensures consistency and transparency.


Our proprietary system for growing, harvesting, curing & storing offers optimal product for complete customer satisfaction.

But Wait, There’s More!

Committed to helping you succeed, we do all that we can to make it easy for you to focus on sales and services.






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